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Icon Shortcode

The Icon shortcode is mainly used to display fontAwesome 4 icons without the need of an extra plugin.

This shortcode has many behaviours:

  • Icon: The icon attribute represents the icon class from the FontAwesome cheatsheet. The cheatsheet can be found here.
  • Link: The link (href=””) attribute determines if the icon should be clickable or not (an example would be social media links), you can specify a URL to which the icon will go to when clicked, the icon will automatically have a hyperlink attached to it. If this attribute is not set, the icon will not be hyperlinked or clickable.
  • Target: This attribute only works if the Link (href=””) attribute is set. It specifies if the link should open in a new tab or not when clicked.
  • Relationship: The rel=”” attribute only works if there’s a value in the href=”” attribute. The relationship attribute can have multiple values. More information here. If in doubt, leave empty.


[​nyvo-icon icon="" href="" target="" rel=""]


With href=”” attribute specified (clickable):

With no href=”” attribute specified (non-clickable):

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