Frequently Asked Questions

▶ What are NYVO themes and who are they for?

NYVO themes are basically WordPress themes built specially for anyone wanting to build a website quick and easy. The themes do not require any plugin to function properly out of the box, and include Galleries, Sliders, a page layout builder, customizable blog, and many other features. All themes are built with a principle in mind: No matter how experienced someone is at building a WordPress website, anyone should be able to edit a theme from the Dashboard without the use of bloated plugins. And if you are experienced, you can also extend and customize the themes using CSS and HTML.

▶ Does it include a visual editor?

Our themes do not use the WordPress Gutenberg editor, but come built with a layout editor that allows you to add columns, rows and customize them if needed with the help of CSS classes. The editor cannot be disabled and is not technically a visual front-end editor (as content cannot be edited via the Customizer like a normal WordPress theme) – however the layout editor has the ability to format content in a rich text format and switch between text & visual format to better edit your content. An advantage of using our layout builder is that the resulting code and formatting in your website is not as bloated and complicated compared to other website builders, we are aware of how important it is for a website to load fast.

You can see a simplified demo of the editor by clicking the button below.

Layout Builder Demo

▶ What are NYVO’s themes built with?

All themes are meant to be used with the WordPress CMS. Other front-end frameworks and libraries have been adapted into a more user-friendly user interface for the purpose of making it easier to setup. Libraries and frameworks include: ZURB Foundation, FontAwesome, Slick Slider, FrescoJS, MasonryJS, Modernizr, imagesLoaded, among others.

▶ Why do I need an activation key?

An activation key is required to activate your theme’s configuration and insert the content associated to the theme, which include:

  • All pages
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Slider(s)
  • Gallery
  • CSS Stylesheet
  • Font(s)
  • Image attachments

A unique key will be provided to you for each theme you purchase and can be activated only once. This also assures your theme’s eligibility for support, in case you encounter an issue with your theme.

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▶ What do I need in order to install and setup my theme?

After downloading your theme, the only things you need are:

  • Your preferred host of choice (GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc)
  • A domain with a valid SSL certificate
  • A fresh WordPress installation
  • Nothing else!

No additional plugins are needed right out of the box, the theme will install with all the content required right away.

▶ Can I preview a theme before purchasing? any demos?

Absolutely. Each theme on the themes page can be previewed or demoed before you purchase it.