NYVO Web Design – Terms and Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions of all NYVO themes offered. They must be formally accepted by you before you submit your order to us.

Your choice of Services

NYVO offers WordPress themes to satisfy the different and particular needs of web designers or web developers to easily customize or create a website according to their needs. These themes are designed and developed by NYVO, and all technologies used in such themes  (namely frameworks and script libraries) have been created and owned by their respective developers. Libraries have been only adapted to NYVO’s themes aiming to provide an easier way to configure and use them.

You understand and agree that from time to time, NYVO Web Design, at its discretion, may provide promotional pricing to themes. Such promotions are only valid during the promotional period time frame and may not be applied to past or present purchases.

Delivery of themes and license keys

For all themes, you will be billed for the theme you purchased and there will be no recurring fees after the purchase, except if any special functionality is requested, we will then provide a separate quote. You will be provided via email a license key which will get delivered immediately after your order is completed and paid, which serves to activate the theme for the first time. License keys only work once per theme, and provide proof that you have purchased it.

Payments, billing, payment method options

Payment(s) for our services can only be made via Paypal, in which also a credit or debit card can be used, with or without a requirement to create an account. (see Paypal.com)

Ownership of Material

Upon payment in full of the selected theme, the website where you install the theme on then becomes your property and you are granted an unlimited, non-exclusive license to the content of the website if any modifications were applied. (hereinafter ‘the Website License’).

You understand and specifically accept to not resell, redistribute or reverse engineer any template sold by NYVO. 

You also understand and specifically accept that NYVO Web Design may utilize in its discretion as it is customary in the industry, free stock, attribution-free pictures or graphical elements for inclusion in templates. Such pictures or graphical elements remain the property of their owners. You understand and agree that you are not allowed to use these pictures or graphical elements anywhere other than as part of the theme, including, for example and without limiting the generality of the preceding, in print format, letterhead, Powerpoint presentations or similar. Violations of this provisions may result in the owners of said material taking legal action against you. 

Unacceptable Use Policy

You may not use the Services of NYVO Web Design, including the website or our templates, for unacceptable uses. These include:

1.Resale of NYVO Web Design’s products and services without the express prior written consent.

2.Pornography or illegal websites.

Refund Policy

All fees are non-refundable. Other refunds shall be evaluated on a case by case basis, and, if any, are issued at the sole discretion of NYVO Web Design. Any money refunded is done so through the exact same method by which it was originally paid. Refunds cannot be issued in any other fashion.