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Do you want to build your own WordPress Theme?

We know how time-consuming it can be to build a WordPress website or theme from scratch, not to mention, it can be quite a learning curve, without mentioning the endless amount of time it takes to code it.

That’s why we built a set of themes ready to install, customize and use, using known frameworks and with customization in mind. No bloated plugins needed, no theme development knowledge required. Just activate, edit the content and publish.

Perfect for freelance web designers, developers and anyone else looking to build a website or theme fast.

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Plugins? No need!

These built-in features are available right out of the box.

Layout Builder Icon

Layout Builder with Classic Editor

No restrictions on the page layouts. Decide how many rows & columns you want in each page. The classic editor is included.

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Multiple Headers & Footers

Create multiple Headers and Footers, assign them to specific pages, build them using the layout builder, get creative!

CSS Icon

Full control of CSS and CSS classes

Stop trying to figure out how to modify your WordPress theme’s colors and look, you have full control of the CSS.

Gallery Icon

Gallery shortcode

Display your images on a simple masonry or grid layout gallery, anywhere on your site. All images are lazy-loaded.

Slider Icon

Slider shortcode

A slider shortcode with multiple possibilities. Select the images and copy- paste the shortcode anywhere on your site.

Font Icon

Font Control

No need to install fonts to use on your site, a Google font loader has been implemented for you. All fonts are served by Google.

Contact Form Icon

Simple contact form

A simple contact form with 4 basic fields is included, configurable to send the message to any email you want. No plugin required.

Open Graph Icon

Open Graph control

Control what shows up when you share your website on social media with the Open Graph protocol settings included.

Open Graph Icon

Multiple shortcodes

Multiple built-in shortcodes are available: galleries, sliders, website information, buttons, icons, blog and more!

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