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Grid Gallery

A Grid gallery is a popular gallery layout that crops all images equally all in a square proportion.

Gallery Shortcode

Each gallery you create will come with its own shortcode, once the gallery is created the shortcode will get created so you can paste it anywhere on your website.
[​nyvogallery id="your-gallery-name"]

Gallery Settings

In order to have a Grid gallery, you need to create a gallery under Gallery and configure its type as ‘Grid’.

Gallery Captions

Each image in your gallery can have captions or text, simply edit your gallery, click on each image in your gallery and a small side panel will show up for such image, with options like title, caption, alt text, and description. What you will need is to fill the “Caption” field and text will display under that image in your gallery.

The look of the captions can be customized via CSS.

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